107° - Low Sugar Smoothies: 50 Sugar Free Smoothies - Protein, Dairy, Fruit and Vegetable Sugarless Recipes List Kindle Edition

Since many of you were wondering: here if sugar is good for you if you're trying to lose weight , here is something for you

Low Sugar Smoothies by Peggy Annear:
Do you want to lose weight, manage your diabetes and feel full of energy? You will discover fabulous low sugar smoothies that are good for your health and your waist line! Dramatically cutting down on sugars in your diet will allow you to achieve this. By eating more natural foods high in nutrition and reducing sugar, it will be possible to cut the cravings and feel satisfied. You will learn which fruits contain the least sugars and recognize the link between sugars and carbohydrates. There is a list to help you. This will guide you through understanding how to drop the pounds faster because you will understand which fruits and vegetables are best for weight loss.
Smoothies are not only a quick and easy way to eat a nutritious meal when you are busy, but they are also a tasty, refreshing drink. If you want to follow a low sugar diet, these healthy low sugar smoothie recipes will fit right into your lifestyle. There are sugarless recipes for low sugar fruit smoothies, vegetable smoothies, dairy smoothies, protein smoothies and smoothie blends.
We love making smoothies at our house because they are so flexible with ingredients. They can also save you money if you buy fruits or vegetables on special at the supermarket, or if you have an abundance from your own garden. Of course when people are on their way to work or kids are off to school, smoothies are the perfect quick to prepare choice. Making low sugar or sugar free smoothies don't differ all that much from regular smoothie recipes, but they probably differ the most when it comes to the type of milk and fruits you choose as these can be the high sugar culprits.
If your house suffers due to time restrictions in the morning at breakfast, then healthy smoothies may be your answer. So whether it be breakfast, snack, work or a meal replacement there will be some diabetic smoothie recipes and low sugar recipes to suit your needs. Included are smoothie making tips and a list of superfoods you can use in your smoothies and juices to give them extra nutrients and minerals.
Here is a snapshot of what you will find inside. Enjoy!

- The Smoothie Advantage!
- Why Low Sugar Smoothies?
- Best Low Sugar Ingredients for Smoothies
- Counting Carbs in Fruit & Vegetables
- Beware of Low Fat Foods
- Superfood Booster List
- About the Recipes
- Green Smoothie Blends
Basic Green Smoothie Blend
Green Blackberry Smoothie
Mango & Kale Green Smoothie
Berry Delight
Healing Smoothie
Slimming Smoothie
Kale Mojito
Pink Cabbage
Green Vegetable Bomb
Green Light Smoothie
V8 Juice
Refreshing Mango Melon Smoothie
Cinnaberry Green Smoothie
Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie
Vitamin C Blast
Kiwi Spinach Smoothie
Vanilla Parsley Smoothie
Green Pumpkin Smoothie
Coconut Pear Smoothie
Emerald Green Smoothie
David's Super Smoothie
- Dairy Smoothie Blends
Low GI Oat Drink
Milky Blackberry Green Smoothie
Iced Coffee Smoothie
Peaches & Cream
Eggnog Smoothie
Smoothie Tropicana
Two Color Smoothie
Almond Cacao Crunch
Berry Cocoa Smoothie
Pink Cabbage Blend
Strawberry Cream Protein Smoothie
Green Pumpkin Smoothie
- Fruit, Vegetable & Protein Smoothie Blends
Carrot and Orange Smoothie
Protein Shake
Sparkling Peach Wine
Carrot Cake Frappe
Blueberry Smoothie
Green Avocado Blaster
Protein Hot Chocolate
Bloody Mary Smoothie
Spirulina Vanilla Protein Smoothie
Strawberry Thick Shake
Green Tea Smoothie
Super Smoothie
Easy Tomato Squash
High Protein Smoothie
Smooth Ruby
Mint Protein Thick Shake
- Homemade Coconut Milk Recipe
- Free Book & Smoothie Resources